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fuels is approximately 80% to 90% with estimates that 10 pounds of plastic waste will yield approximately one (1) gallon of gasoline, lubricant or diesel fuel.

The company's technical team is led by Dr. Swaminathan Ramesh, an acclaimed chemical scientist whose career includes working over 20 years on extensive research projects at BASF.  Dr. Ramesh holds over 50 patents and has contributed articles to scientific publications including the 'Journal of the American Chemical Society'. Dr. Ramesh founded Advanced Technologies of Michigan, Inc., a private company providing analytical and investigative services for paint and chemical companies.

In 2005, the United States generated about 246 million tons of municipal solid waste, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") estimates. EPA reported that 79 million tons of such waste were recycled, while the remaining 166.7 million tons were combusted, disposed of in landfills, or otherwise disposed. Parties involved in the agreement view the development of new conversion processes, creating captive gasoline, lubricants, and diesel fuel from waste plastics, as representing a significant commercial opportunity and one also addressing timely ecological issues.

To view a video on electricity generation from bio-waste, click hereTo view a video on "green" plastics recycling technology to produce fuels, click here.
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Ecoplastifuel's IP technology relates to 'Gasoline from Plastics Technology' which also includes lubricants and diesel fuel.

The efficiency of the process to convert plastic wastes to

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